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Indian Police Force 

Delhi during the Delhi Police Raising Day serial blasts take place in the city committed by IM terrorist's Zarrar who lives the fake identity of Haider.CP Vikram leads the mission along with DCP Kabir Malik who are asked to collaborate with ATS Chief Tara Shetty Vikram's old classmate. Kabir and Vikram track a terrorist Shahdab by breaking protocols which leads to an encounter between Zarrrar and Kabir's team.Vikram looses his life in the firing and Tara comforts Kabir for not following protocols. Kabir is then given demotion unwillingly by DCP Bansal.During this time Kabir tries to find movements of Zarrar and Bansal gets him back to the force to join with Tara.Kabir and Tara patch up and decide to team up to get hold of Zarrar who has conducted several blasts in other city and currently his target is Goa.


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